S4 Navarra. S4 Nafarroa
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Navarra is an exemplary region in terms of its transition to a sustainable production system and efficient use of resources, reducing its impact on the environment, with new business models based on bioeconomics and circularity

Transición ecológica


Lines of work BO GT DT
Value chain
01 Industrial symbiosis; restructuring of the value chain through connections within each sector and between different sectors in order to take advantage of products, by-products, and waste.
02 New business models based on servitisation linked to monitoring systems, payment models for availability/use/results, collaborative economics, incorporation of digital technology, IoT.
Product and Process
03 Design of products, components, equipment, packaging, and distribution systems that take into account the product life cycle and mitigate the impact on health and the environment.
04 Decarbonisation and minimisation of environmental impact (reduction of raw materials, water, energy …) in industrial processes using clean production technologies, applying good production practices.
05 Remanufacturing, use of circular supplies (renewable, reusable, recyclable, recycled, biodegradable) and substitution of critical raw materials.
06 Promoting sustainable construction: wood construction, energy refurbishment, nearly zero-energy buildings, positive construction...
07 Recovery of waste and use of by-products from the production and distribution process.

Note: BO: Business Opportunity GT: Green Transition DT: Digital Transition

Transición Ecológica

Green Transition

Transición Digital

Digital Transition