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A business cluster is the combination in a geographic space of companies and knowledge or technology providers, involved in collaboration dynamics around a market segment and with a value chain approach.

Navarra’s cluster policy seeks to guide the clusters towards their future competitive challenges, agree on a shared strategy and the development of innovative projects, internationalization, and improvement of the regional environment, to achieve this vision.

Clústers : S4 Navarra

There are currently eight clusters in Navarra according to the definition of the call of Navarra’s Government:

Clúster de la Automoción Navarra


The Navarra Automotive Cluster is a transversal association that brings together companies and entities from subsectors linked to the automotive industry and knowledge and technology providers to seek excellence in the sector through the collaborative model.


Group of companies, technology centers, knowledge centers (universities and professional training), business groups and other agents whose activity is related to the support and development of functional printing.

  • Constitution: 2014 

  • Area of work: Functional print

  • Contact person: Susana Barasoain

  • Website: functionalprint.com


It is an organization of companies whose purpose is the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of its members, and therefore of the sector, through the development of cooperation, open innovation, intrapreneurship and internationalisation.

  • Constitution: 2015 
  • Area of work: agri-food

  • Contact person: Sandra Aguirre
  • Website: nagrifoodcluster.com


A non-profit association that provides a professional and ambitious response to the audiovisual industry within the framework of Navarra’s Smart Specialization Strategy.

  • Constitution: 2016
  • Areas of work: Audiovisual
  • Contact person: Arturo Cisneros
  • Website: clavna.com


Enercluster is a private non-profit entity with the aim of serving as a tool for collaboration among companies in the renewable industry to grow in competitiveness and added value.

  • Constitution: 2016
  • Area of work: Renewable energy
  • Contact person: Iker Chasco
  • Website: enercluster.com

ATANA – Navarra ICT Cluster

Entity for the competitive improvement of the ICT sector in Navarra as well as for the promotion of the information and knowledge society development

  • Constitution: 2002
  • Area of work: ICT
  • Contact Person: Cristina García
  • Website: atana.org


There is a Euroregional network of collaboration among companies, technological and training centers, among New Aquitaine, Basque Country and Navarra that promotes collaboration and innovation beyond our region.

  • Area of work: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Additive Manufacturing and Medical Devices
  • Contact person: Beatriz Blasco
  • Website: klusteuro.eu

Navarra Health Cluster

Navarra Health Cluster is the reference association of the actors in the health sector in Navarra. The aim of the association is to improve the competitiveness and innovation of the associated companies and institutions


The Construction Industrialization Cluster of Navarra was created to improve the competitiveness of all companies and agents in the construction value chain in Navarra, working together on future challenges to develop better products and solutions in the spaces where people live and work, with an approach that promotes innovation, industrialization, sustainability and new business models.

  • Constitution: 2022
  • Area of work: Industrialized construction
  • Contact person: Íñigo Porres García
  • Website: cicna@cen.es