S4 Navarra. S4 Nafarroa
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Continuous monitoring and evaluation are carried out at five levels, from the regional profile with the general objectives (through the "Scorecard" tool), to the desired specialization (with the "Sectoral Evolution Table" and the " Industrial Observatory”). In between, the measurement of the regional transformation objectives promoted in each priority (“ S4 Challenges Control ” tool), and the follow-up of the work on transversal factors (“policy mix”).

Finally, transparency and evaluation actions are described.



Through the S4 scorecard, the degree of compliance with the general objectives of the S4 is measured through macro indicators. These indicators are grouped into the following blocks:

  • Ultimate strategy objectives aimed at improving prosperity and quality of life in the region.
  • S4 major transition objectives: the green transition and the digital transition of the region’s economy are measured.
  • Objectives for improving competitiveness, based on measuring the impact of competitiveness factors: R+D+i, Internationalization, Business Development and People and Talent.

Sectoral Evolution Table

The S4 monitoring scorecard measures the achievement of the region’s economic structure based on segmentation by sector and allows comparison between prioritized and non-prioritized areas.