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Electric and

Navarra is a key player in the production of new systems for electric and connected mobility, with a sustainable value chain, integrating its capacity in renewable energies, and being recognised as an innovative region for experimentation.

Movilidad eléctrica


In figures:

Lines of work BO GT DT
01 Transforming the supplier value chain around regional, digital, flexible, and sustainable OEMs.
02 Development and sophistication of vehicle components: sensorisation, communications (between components and/or with Smart Cities infrastructure), new materials, and new functionality.
03 Integration and grouping of parts and components to become suppliers of modules and systems with higher added value.
04 More sustainable solutions such as remanufacturing of components, lightweighting, use of recycled materials/resources.
05 Servitisation of mobility and power supply models, especially related to Smart Cities (communications and services).
06 Energy storage systems (batteries), recharging systems (infrastructures), energy management (V2X) and integration into renewable energy generation networks (services).
07 New models of smarter, more sustainable logistics, last mile distribution, shared warehouses.
08 Detection and development of new business niches, markets, and mobility segments.

Note: BO: Business Opportunity GT: Green Transition DT: Digital Transition

The sector has a strong presence of multinational companies, many of them supplying products to national and international OEMs. Since 2018, NAVEAC platform has been working with companies in Navarra for the industrial transformation around the electric, autonomous and connected vehicle.


Electric and
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