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Presentation of the new artificial intelligence catalogue

150 people attended the conference presenting the AI strategy held by Atana and Sodena

On 29th June, ATANA, apoyada por Sodena, gave the opportunity to several business agents to present their proposals to the public that attended the conference ‘Presentation of AI solutions in Navarra’, held at the headquarters of the Confederación Empresarial Navarra (CEN).

The event highlighted the future challenges that these companies will face and the alignment with the European Union, and the other ICT companies were invited to participate in the catalog and enrich it with their products. In addition, the interest of the sector in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) line of work was highlighted, as well as the importance of mutual support to create synergies.

When we talk about technology, we always highlight its transversality and strategic role for the rest of the sectors; therefore, it is important to take into account the actions outlined in the Artificial Intelligence Strategic Plan launched in June 2022 by the Government of Navarra through Sodena to boost the development of the strategic sectors of the S4 and strengthen competitiveness in ICT, facing the current challenges they present.Based on these principles, we find the new Artificial Intelligence Catalog of Navarra, a tool that seeks to bring together AI-based solutions and disseminate them to the business fabric of the region.

The 11 speakers (Vision Quality, Tasiva Visión, Conasa, Data Value Management, CYC, Larraby, Veridas, Neuraptic, iAR, Intensas Networks and Helphone) presented the solutions structured around five thematic blocks: quality control, production control and planning, security, information analysis and AI for recommendations.

First, new technologies were presented for detecting contaminants in food, identifying foreign bodies and predicting the quality with which a material will reach its destination, as well as controlling machinery maintenance.
In the second block, the presentation focused on optimizing stock maintenance, enabling manufacturing companies to forecast the demand for their products and options for converting data into valuable and accessible information.
Thirdly, remote identification and biometrics solutions were detailed, and a multimodal artificial intelligence for SMEs that allows access to databases with normal language and several solutions for smart cities such as passenger counting or neurointepretation for people with a certain degree of blindness were also presented.

Finally, a generalist and personalized recommendation engine that can be parameterized for different commercial purposes was presented.
The day ended with the presentation of Emotional Films, a new film format that generates films in real time based on the emotions of its viewers, an initiative of the studio Dr. Platypus & Ms. Wombat, in collaboration with the Public University of Navarra (UPNA), the University of Navarra (UNAV), ADItech and Creena.

To keep up to date with the latest news in Artificial Intelligence you can access to Catálogo de inteligencia artificial de Navarra – Empresas navarras que dan solución a problemas actuales (atana.org)